RIDEAIR- To Inflate not Pump (on the side of the road)

A while back I saw this new gadget online called RIDEAIR, it was this portable refillable pump thing and it had a lock on it as well.  It said inflate don’t pump.  I thought it sounded pretty interesting and then a few days later one arrived in the office to try out.

First thing I noticed was that it was bigger than I thought it was going to be but for what it actually does it kinda has to be. So that meant it wasn’t coming on a trail ride with me but seemed like a cool thing to strap to my cruiser for back and forth to work trips.  I unwrapped and had to fill it up right away.  RIDEAIR will go up to 230PSI but my not so awesome floor pump could only get it up to 140PSI.  The idea is when you get a flat you don’t need to PUMP up your tire, just press a button and its done. The other big feature over a regular pump is to have that instant hit of air pressure to seat a tubeless tire. I found it did its job, mostly. My 27.5 X 2.4 Maxxis tire seated but was not fully inflated so that meant I still needed to get out my regular pump for that last bit of pressure. I have been using the RIDEAIR for that pre ride top up that I always seem to need, it’s so much easier and quicker than digging out the floor pump.

My honest opinion of the RIDE AIR is that it’s a great bit of gear for your back and forth to work bike.  You can carry it in a bottle cage and when you get a flat on the way to work you definitely don’t want to be pumping. There is a lock as well so you know it will still be on your bike when you come back.  I really like the thought of not throwing out CO2 cartridges as well.   I hope to see this technology adapted to be able to carry on trail to do away with CO2.   Thank you so Much to KWT Imports for letting me try out the RIDEAIR


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